David Leon’s Formal Candidacy Announcement

After serving in the Navy for nearly 20 years, I am ready to continue my service in protecting our constitutional liberties in the House of Representatives.  People in the Fourth Congressional District deserve a representative who fights for limited government so unelected bureaucrats do not infringe upon their rights and liberties.

The people know what is best for their lives and families, not D.C. elitists and bureaucrats who infringe on our freedoms.  A family with a child struggling in school should not be limited by the government in the options they have for their child reach his or her God-given potential.  Just as a small business should not be hampered by needless government regulations as they strive to reach their ultimate economic ability and create jobs.

Also, D.C. needs to do more to help those who serve our nation.  Many of our nation’s finest go into battle to protect our liberties and lives.  However, many of these brave men and women have scars that last well beyond the battlefield. Our Nation needs to do better at serving these heroes well beyond when they leave the service.

During this campaign, I am eager to advocate for conservative principles and meet citizens throughout the Fourth.  Our campaign hopes to earn your support as we do all we can to show the good conservatism can bring to people’s lives.

                                                                                                                              David Leon      David Leon's signature