Veterans Affairs

Our nation needs to make sure that when our service men and women come home, they have the support they need to achieve their dreams and receive the healthcare they deserve.  Our veterans are some of the best trained and experienced workers in our nation, who can help and have helped our economy thrive.  We need to make sure veterans have the adequate resources to obtain employment when they come home from deployment.

After years of many careless failures within the Veterans Health Administration, Congress needs to ensure that there are forms of accountability for employees who woefully mistreat our veterans.  Anything less than full accountability for VA employees who act so carelessly is against our duty to provide the best healthcare our veterans deserve.  Furthermore, our Veteran’s Health Administration needs to provide more options for veterans and their families battling with opioid addiction and mental illness.


Over the past several decades, our federalist system of government set up by our founding fathers has been eroding. From judicial overreach, countless presidential orders, and the willingness of Congress to expand the administrative state; the checks and balances of our federal government have greatly weakened causing the voice of the people to be diminished.

For the sake of the future of our representative democracy and the voice of the people, we need to bring back the checks and balances vested by the Constitution. It’s time we decrease the administrative state and counter rogue federal judges so our voices can be heard in our representative democracy.

2nd Amendment

‘A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’

The 2nd Amendment is straightforward and simple to understand but some politicians seem to ignore the meaning of a straightforward law because it isn’t politically convenient. Every other time the words “shall not” appears in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the meaning is clear. Why should it be any different for the 2nd Amendment? The right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT be infringed.


We are a nation of laws which must be followed.  If someone comes to this country illegally, they should not be given special preference or privileges compared to those who go through the legal and proper immigration process. Doing anything other than following the proper legal immigration process will just reward illegal behavior and encourage it in the future.  As a nation, we need stronger border security.  From a wall to more resources for border patrol agents, we need to make sure we have the adequate means on our borders to stop illegal immigration.

We also need to reconsider our current immigration policies.  For example, our visa-work program needs to be overhauled so businesses cannot abuse our immigration policies.  A company should not be able to bring in a migrant worker in the Fourth District to do the same job a citizen of the Fourth can do.


Education is one of the keys to a successful society.  Therefore, we need to make sure that all children have an adequate education.  Even with many great school systems throughout the Fourth, numerous students are not receiving the education they deserve.

Parents should not feel helpless if their child is stuck in a school system with no signs of academic advancement.  The refundable child tax credit should be increased to help more families have the option of school choice.  Teachers should have more independence in the classroom to meet the needs of their students with less influence by the federal government.  Also, students should have more opportunities in high school that prepare them to enter the workforce.


A thriving economy is essential for our society.  Our nation is on the right economic path. However, more can be done to help farmers, small businesses, and hard-working Americans to economically thrive.  We need to make sure the tax cuts for the middle class are permanent.  We need to continue to deregulate our economy so small businesses throughout the Fourth District can reach their full economic potential without governmental influence.  We need to make sure any new trade deals include a level playing field for farmers to export their crops and enter new markets. Also, the Fourth District is blessed to have many great veterans with numerous skill sets to help our economy thrive. We need to ensure they have the tools and the connections they need to start businesses and find jobs here in the Fourth District.